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Hi Bill et al,

Absolutely right about different products for different areas. As I said in a previous I used micron 66 but as it became less effective in the same waters I suspected a change in formulation. However this post is to note an interesting situation. locked out of the Pacific islands for the last two NZ winters my boat has spent its time either Northern NZ cruising or on its Mangonui mooring. Different seasons different challenges. Must be water temp induced I guess. There are times of intense barnacle challenge. After 7 months my prop speeded propeller was clean. Two months later totally covered in large barnacles. Scraped it clean and the barnacles have not returned in 6 months. Other boats in the harbour have had barnacle challenge on 9 month anti fouling. Other harbours are experiencing similar challenges. It seems to be a seasonal thing. There are times of extreme challenge. The last time I had micron 66 on within six months the hull was covered, and I mean covered, in tiny barnacles. I dived and scraped it clean with a 6 inch paint scraper. They didn't return.

So, pay your money and take your chances as they say


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On 05 November 2021 at 08:18 CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

I like Micron 66 because it reacts with saltwater to release biocide and is microscopically ablative. I think all of the Micron series is a hard paint that is microscopically ablative, each with different release systems. In the tropics, we needed this sort of protection. 

There is no ablative action with Coppercoat. And in the tropics, people with Coppercoat were cleaning their hulls every month or two.

Everyone needs to be aware that there are the best solutions for different areas. 

Also, the SeaJet 033 that Amel was recently using (I had not heard they switched to Coppercoat) is difficult to find in areas that do not use Europe as the supply chain.

Lastly, I had Micron 66 put on our SM in New Zealand and someone I know had Coppercoat done at the same time. Nine months later when we docked side-by-side in Singapore his hull had about 1" of marine growth on the hull because he had not cleaned it, our SM was perfectly clean.

If you don't mind cleaning your hull Coppercoat might be the best thing for certain cruising areas.


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On Thu, Nov 4, 2021 at 12:27 PM Joerg Esdorn via <jhe1313=> wrote:

When I bought my boat in 2016, Amel was using Seajet paint which worked ok in the Med but I had to clean it every couple of months and I repainted every winter. I then replaced it with international Micron 350 in 2019.  The Micron I never cleaned during the season because the International support told me to trust the self polishing and any additional cleaning would just reduce the thickness of the paint. The experience with that has been good - I never saw any reduction in speed from a dirty bottom.  One reason could be that I’m now in the Atlantic and the water is colder than in the Med.  interestingly, Amel now installs Copperplate as standard.   I am considering that for next season. There is another thread on that on this forum.  

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