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Hi Kent:

I left our boat (Amel SM 2000 with the same draft as yours) in the Turtle Cove Marina
on Provo for about 2 months once. see : (that is www dot
tcmarina dot com).

The entrance is very tricky but you call on the radio and they send a guide boat out to
lead you in through the reef. The depths in the marina are adequate but not overly
generous. At the fuel dock we were fine but on the more northerly end in our slip we
would sit on the bottom at each low tide. No harm no foul. We had a very pleasant and
safe stay there. Have your GPS mark the way in so you can follow it out and then make
sure you use good eyeball navigation as well or ask for the boat to lead you out. The
passage through the coral heads is narrow and can easily be confused without
local knowledge.

Go there, I think you will enjoy it. PS, I echo what others have said about security in
the Caribbean, Use common sense, lock everything up, and don't be too spooked
about it. You are probably safer in the Caribbean abiding by these concepts than you
are in most big US cities.

Happy sailing, Gary Silver Amel SM Hull # 335

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Does anyone have any experience with leaving their boat in the Turks and Caicos for a few weeks? Looking at charts, it doesn't look too friendly to our 6'9" draft. I'm trying to get part of the way from the Virgins to Bahamas before leaving 'Kristy' for a few weeks in Apr/May. Only have two weeks to get her the rest of the way to the Chesapeake in May.

Thanks for any advice.
SM 243

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