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Regarding the Climma 9 Compact unit, I have the value of the Klixon at RS 121, but I am not sure what RS 121 stands for. I do not have the value of the fuse. Do you have the values, and/or can you confirm the RS 121 value?

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On Mon, Nov 8, 2021 at 5:35 AM Stefan Jeukendrup <sjeukendrup@...> wrote:
Hi Alexei,

To answer your specific questions: 
With 220V on the element you should see it cycling: When switching on the element should light up  like a bread toaster element. Then depending on airflow and air temperature it reaches the  temperature where the Klixon switches opens the circuit. Then the element and Klixon is cooled  by the airflow and after a while the Klixon closes it's contact again, without click.

5A at 220V = 1100Watts seems OK for a Climma 9HE which is specified to provide  9000btu/hour for cooling and heating.

Enclosed are pictures of:
*Thermostat Texas Instruments Klixon
*Overtemperature protection fuse

Both are in series with the heating element but not necessarily in the exact locations I indicated before. As said before these devices are made in many different temperature ranges so be sure you replace with the exact same ones.

Stefan Jeukendrup
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Op 8 nov. 2021 04:56 schreef Alexey Mateosyan <alexey.mateosyan@...>:
Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your answer to Mike's post (thank you Mike). For my case, it looks like that the problem is with overheating protection. And since:
1. max airflow is really huge, and climma in aft works even with medium flow
2. I see 220v on electrical heating element constantly
3. On the other hand I can't hear any relay clicking, at the moment when heating is gone
4. Current in the heating circuit is dropped from 5a to 0, at that moment
I think that the root cause is inside the heater itself, i.e. it could be one of those two things on the picture (since they are sitting in series with the heating element and basically can break the circuit), the below one looks like thermistor, and the one above:
Is this the klixon thermostat marked on the picture?

How did you clean it, if it is the thing?

Best regards,
Aleksei @ Aletes SM2K#240

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