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You might also want to get a quote from IMIS located near Annapolis, Maryland, USA. They have a special "Jackline" Policy that is designed for cruisers with only 2 people on board sailing worldwide. We have used them for the past several years.

You can contact Gary Golden at

or call their office at 410-827-3757 EST

It does pay to shop around. Good luck !

Ruth Martin


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Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 08:26:08 -0800
Subject: [Amel] Insurance


I currently have my SM2000 insured through K Drewe Insurance Brokers in
UK starting last March and

My premium is $ 2,185 which includes a $ 688 no claim discount. My SM2K,
'MAIA' #293 is insured for Mediterranean waters excluding war zones and
is normally Marina based in Malta. The insured value is $ 529,540 at
current exchange rates. There is an excess of around $ 1,600. ( $160 on
the dinghy and outboard ). I have not claimed on the policy. Prior to
that I used GJW insurance for many years including for
a transatlantic crossing and three years in the USA and Carribean. The
premiums were somewhat higher but the service very good. I also recently
had a quote from AXA insurance which was priced at $ 2,627. All USD
figures converted from GBP at today's rate. Fortunately I have never had
to claim. I would say it certainly pays to shop around

Peter Aubrey SM2K #293.

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