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Hi Dean


I used to use just freshwater but I found out that the tubes getting barnacles and other growth in it due to the constant flow of Saltwater from the fridge pump.

Since 2 year I buy just about 10lt of normal household (cleaning) vinegar. Very cheap about .70 cents per liter at grocery (Mercadona). It is not aggressive and helps to clean out the tubes.


I fill up the Aircon and Fridge lines and let it work over night. After that I flush out everything with fresh-water from the shore and let it in over winter.

There is quite a lot of lime(calc)-dirt coming out with the vinegar. Sometimes I add a bit off antifreeze which is corroding protective as Nick mentioned.


Best regards and good preparation


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Hi all,
I'm preparing Stella for in-water wintering in southern Spain and will be filling all seawater lines with freshwater as I've always done in the past for non-freezing winterisation.  

I'm wondering about the wisdom of treating the seawater lines with some kind of de-scaling treatment. I've previously cleaned my ONAN heat exchanger with dilute Hydrochloric Acid (Muriatic Acid) but that seems a bit over the top to flush right through the seawater systems. I know some folks like barnacle buster and such-like.  I don't have any symptoms of poor water flow anywhere, so my gut feel says "if it ain't broke ...".  Am I missing something?


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