Dehumidifier Drain Outlet

Dean Gillies

I have always run a dehumidifier on my boats for all the usual reasons.
Since I bought Stella, I have always wintered her out of the water. I've removed the depth-sounder transducer and drained the dehumidifier to the outside. Easy.

This year, she is wintering in the water. This presents an interesting dilemna regarding where to drain the dehumidifier.

I could send it down the sink where it ends up in the bilge as standing water waiting for the bilge pump to trigger and hopefully evacuate most of it.  I don't like leaving water in the engine room when the boat is not being used and a failure of the bilge pump could end up with a few hundred litres of water in the engine room. Not ideal! I could hook up my bilge alarm to my Victron Cerbo system which could then send me an email allowing me to contact the marina staff to intervene.

I could easily send it into the freshwater tank where a few hundred litres over the winter would not make that much of a dent.  That would mean leaving empty space in the freshwater tank, which I usually avoid when wintering to minimise the potential for bacteria to develop in the tank space.

Any other clever ideas out there? (other than don't run a dehumidifier!) 


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