Re: Dehumidifier Drain Outlet

Scott SV Tengah


I've run a 12L/day dehumidifier both times we have left the boat and I let it drain into the sink. You are right that it's a risk if the bilge pump or switch fails when you're away but we mitigated that by having a boat watcher check the engine room once a week. Your remote monitoring solution works, too.

Your hypothetical fear became my reality when my 12 year old bilge pump switch died without warning. Sure, I probably should have replaced it prior due to age, but it's not exactly an off the shelf product. This caused some relatively serious problems on a long upwind port tack passage, so I think it's best to install two pumps. My secondary alarm, mounted in the Amel standard position next to the AC pump, did not sound because it was elevated due to being on port tack.

Luckily I was aboard, so the damage was limited. Just as important, I think you should have two switches mounted in the gray water bilge. This is what I'm going to do.

As an aside, I don't plug in, but rather set the inverters (through the BMV-712 programmable relay and the inverter's remote on/off input) to run my dehumidifier between 60-100% SOC. This keeps the batteries happy.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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