Re: Dehumidifier Drain Outlet

Dean Gillies

Hi Scott,
My dehumidifier is specified at about 12L per day too, but it never produces that much water unless we are creating some major humidity with the clothes dryer. In reality it produces about 2 litres per day while we are living on board, and no doubt less when the boat is unoccupied. Regardless, it still needs the bilge pump to operate.

That's unfortunate about your bilge pump switch, and I can see how being on the port tack would delay the alarm sensor. Not sure I want two bilge pumps, but maybe a second alarm sensor on the STBD side of the bilge would be warranted.
I replaced my switch this year (11 years old) because the terminals were a bit corroded and one of them broke when I was disconnecting it for cleaning.  The switch was easy to source and it wasn't too difficult to fabricate an extender on the toggle. It has worked reliably since July, but past performance is no indication of future performance as you know !!

That's a nice way way to keep your LFP's happy.  Thankfully I don't have that problem with my hybrid battery system. I've set my LFP's to 65% SOC and switched them off completely. The 24V system is now floating at 27.4V on my AGM's. only. My LFP's are happy and my AGM's are happy.

The debate in my mind is now about whether to turn on my MPPT over winter as a backup in the event that my MP-3000 fails.



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