Re: Boom vang on a Maramu

Dennis Johns

Hi Lance,

First thing you do is get rid of your topping lift if you haven't already.  Then install a Boomkicker ( plus a regular boom vang with a jamb cleat.  They have a picture of my installation: 7 photos down on the right.  They specify their K1500 product for boats up to 38' but that equates to the main sail of the 46 ketch just fine.

I've had it installed for about 15 years with no signs of fatigue.

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121

On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 10:36 AM Lance Leonard <Elscubano@...> wrote:
It looks like the previous owner of Minerva may have removed the boom vang and replaced it with a short piece of 3/4” triple braid. A preventer maybe? It seems like the purchase for the mainsheet is pretty far aft. I have decent sail shape until I get to about a broad reach. As I start to run the boom rises and the sail shape goes to hell.I was wondering if the boat was originally delivered with a boom vang (1983, before in-mast furling). Normally I would just take her out sailing, play with the mainsheet attachment points on the boom or kludge together a temporary boom vang. Unfortunately the boat is on the hard with the rig off for the winter.

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