Re: replacement rigging

Craig Briggs

Hi José,
I am curious as to why you think 10 years is time to replace your rigging.
Some common reasons may include:
  • Your insurance company arbitrarily requires this to minimize their risk exposure.
  • You have been in the tropics for years.
  • You have inspected the rigging (or had it done) and have found corrosion/cracking/whatever.
  • You are about to undertake some serious ocean passages and want the added peace of mind new rigging may bring, notwithstanding cost.
10 years, imho, is needlessly conservative (and costly) for boats in moderate climates not being sailed full time.

I would definitely recommend ACMO - especially if you're in Europe. I did 1992 Santorin at 18 years (2010) when an aft lower mizzen broke at the lower swage while sailing off Sicily. Used ACMO and did the work myself - only about $6,000 US. 
Eleven years later (2021) I did it again after a mizzen backstay broke, also at the lower swage; this time it was just sitting at the dock!  Used US riggers in Ft Lauderdale, Nance and Underwood, who used a variety of suppliers, Hayne, Sta-loc, etc. and I had them provide the labor - cost $12,000 US. Used all Sta-loc fittings on lower end of stays (except headstay, of course). 

If you use ACMO, I would recommend paying a modest upcharge to have them supply mechanical fittings (at least on the bottoms) instead of all swaged. They have their own proprietary mechanical fittings, which are quite similar to the Norseman brand (which I believe is no longer in business).


SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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