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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Thank you Bill, will let you know if we proceed
Kind Regards and best wishes for the new year.
Danny and Yvonne Ocean Pearl SM299

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Subject: [Amel] Re: alarm system
Date: Monday, 28 December, 2009, 2:43 PM


Hi Danny & Yvonne,

We have the following from http://www.marinegu ardsecurity. com/id5.html

Marine Guard
Hardwired MG58C Package $850USD
* (1) MG58 Marine Security Control
* (2) Status LED's
* (1) Marine Guard Siren
* (1) Lighting Controls
* (1) Wireless Receiver (4 Channel)
* (2) Wireless Key Chain Remotes
* (1) Chime Plate with on/off Switch
* (4) Marine Guard Deck Sensors (Handles up to 8 sensors)
* (1) Large Hatch/Door Contact
* (1) Small Hatch/Door Contact

We used 6 deck sensors which epoxy to the undersides of the deck and steps in the rear and on two sides of the frame of the engine hatch.

We did not use the last 2 items above and bought 4 extra deck sensors. The sensors are NOT a pressure mat, but rather solid state things that are epoxied to the undersides of decks and to deck supports. The system has been working for almost 4 years with zero false alarms.

We had to replace the original wireless remotes and found waterproof remotes to replace the originals. The wireless remote is a common alarm remote and available at any alarm source.

The system is 12 volts and will have to be wired to the PERMANENT 24v to 12v transformer on your Amel. We mounted the Horn inside the "open" sheet storage on the mizzen mast.

If you buy this system, send me an email at svbebe"at"gmail. com for installation and wiring hints.


s/v BeBe, SM2, #387
Currently Malaysia



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This is a message to Bill on SV Bebe. When we met you in Opua you told us about your underdeck pressure sensitive alarm system. As our next moves are down the Caribbean chain from Tortola we are thinking of installing some system. Can you tell us about yours and where to get one.
Danny and Yvonne SV 299 Ocean Pearl

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