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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all, I guess security is like preparing for ocean passages. You prepare well, ensure you have all the equipment you need, decide on storm tactics in advance so if you are caught by bad weather you have a plan, prepare that plan after taking all the advice and information you can find, but then we must make our own choices, watch the weather forecasts and if you are caught in a storm do your best. We know sometimes boats are lost and we accept that risk but have no intention of becomming a statistic.
The possibility of our boat being "invaded" is just another of those risks we must manage, all part of the challenge of the cruising lifestyle.
Wishing you all a wonderful 2010
Danny and Yvonne Ocean Pearl SM 299

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Hi Kent,
Not to alarm you, but check: Caribean safety and security net
http://www.safetyan dsecuritynet. com/reports. html
Sailing the Caribeans since 1987, some kind of protection is required, from the Bahamas and on.
Best security: Turks & Caicos (but it was long ago, my nefew who now lives there suggests it might have changed) and Les Saintes (Guadeloupe) .
Worst: Venezuela, St-Vincent & Grenadines, Dominica.
In between, most islands present, at some time, some security risk for yachties, including the French West Indies ( Guadeloupe and Martinique), but they are not as bad as St-Lucia.
Of course an isolated anchorage might be more risky, but i was either a witness to or informed of agressions or theft, in marinas or popular anchorages.
Personally, i suprised a thief aboard my boat while at anchor in front of Nassau. Someone stole a solar panel securly fastened to my boat then on the hard at the Carenantilles yard in Martinique. I had to show a gun to an invading and agressive yatch boy in Dominica, still in Dominica, in another location, i suprised a local swimmer (a unknown mature adult) on deck, coming from the bow of the boat, he had come up the anchor chain for an uninvited visit. Finally there was so much hassle, menacing words and verbal fight with a yacht boy in Wallilaboo, St-Vincent, that afterward my wife always refused to stop in St-Vincent main island.
In february 1989, entering Boca del Drago (Trinidad) while alone, at 6 AM, before surise, i was boarded by a small unidentified, flagless fishing Dory or Lancha, with 3 men aboard without any uniform or badge. The man  at the bow holding a machine gun. They said they were Trinidad Coast Guards and wanted to inspect my boat. I could not argue with the machine gun and two men came aboard. One held the helm, since i had swithed off the autopilot and i refused to lower sails, stating i feared the current would drift us toward land...
He maintained the course towards Port of Spain, while the the other examined the boats papers. The latter sat in the salon for 10 minutes looking at the registration documentation all written in french (a large 18 inchs by 24 inchs page), upside down. I offered to help. He refused. A few minutes later, both men left the boat without the 'reader' or the 'helmsman' saying another word. I will never know who they were. I asked information about this boarding to customs officers in Port of Spain a few hours later, to no avail 
On the Med (Almerimar), my bicycle, chained and locked to a light post 3 meters away from my boat, was stolen...
I was impressed to see a beautiful gun locker next to the chart table on Mr Henri Amel's last boat, a Mango ...
Serge D. T.    Opera, Mango 51

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Hmmmm.  Where did that happen, Danny?  Are there particular places that one has to avoid...other than Columbia right now?  Does anyone out there carry weapons?  I've avoided that subject mostly because of the hassle of checking in and out with weapons.

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