Re: Amel Maramu 1984 Standing Rigging Specifications


If he is John a young French guy in Marina Taïna who lives on a Hanse he is fully reliable and I will go blindly with him . He is a true specialist 

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Le 14 nov. 2021 à 20:26, Bruno COTTE via <cotte.bruno@...> a écrit :

Who is the rigger ?

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Le 14 nov. 2021 à 20:03, Thomas Nienkemper <thomas.nienkemper@...> a écrit :

I am about to change the standing rigging on our 1984 Maramu with the Isomat mast and no furling. I was in contact with ACMO and they offered a rigging kit, but for the Nirvana mast which I understand is the one after 1985 with furling. I could not rech ACMO since, but will keep trying. A rigger in Tahiti who supposedly has done other Amels says after consulting with ACMO he would use 10mm wire size, at least for the stays. Currently my main mast is all 8mm and mizzen all 7mm. 
What is the wire size on other Maramus? Did they maybe change wire size with the mast in 1985?

Help much appreciated!

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