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You must never put a national flag on top of a mizzen mast . This is only the place for a yacht club flag normally fixed on a wooden pole that you fix and take off by climbing on top … 

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While I can’t answer your specific question, and perhaps in misunderstanding it as well but I would caution that the (boat’s) “national” flag should be flown under the visiting country’s (courtesy) “national “ flag. For example, if your boat is French registered and you are visiting the UK, the UK flag should be flown above the French flag. Putting the French flag on the top of the mizzen would mean that you wouldn’t be able to use the typical spreader mounted courtesy flag and would likely have to figure out a way to get the UK flag mounted on the top of the main mast. This is why most “national” flags are flown from the stern down low. Big national flags show the loyalty of the boat while small courtesy flags up high pay tribute to the host country. 

On Nov 20, 2021, 9:28 AM -0500, Joerg Esdorn via <jhe1313@...>, wrote:
Does anyone carry the national flag on top of the mizzen mast?  If so, I would be very interested in seeing the mechanics of how to do this without interfering with the many antennas on top of the mizzen.  Do you have a long flag pole on top of the mizzen or an arm to the back or side of the mizzen?  Many thanks in advance.

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