Re: National ensign on top of mizzen mast

Nick Newington

So, to fly the ensign from the top of the mizzen the vessel must be under way. You would then have to drop it and fly it from the taffrail at anchor or moored…or have I mis-understood the rules?

I have noticed that Dutch and Scandinavian boats often fly their ensigns from the mizzen mast and it looks nice but…. I would not in countries that are sensitive about courtesy flags, such as Turkey and many others…you may find yourself at the receiving end of an angry official. In such countries I like to buy a slightly larger courtesy flag than normal and make sure it is in good condition and keep it high….


AML 54-019

Leros (ashore for the winter)

On 20 Nov 2021, at 17:32, Joerg Esdorn via <jhe1313@...> wrote:

Gentlemen, let me point you to the attached YRA guidance on where to fly the national ensign, which I received from A54 owner Peter Forbes some time ago.  Please see 4b.  It‘s ok to fly the mizzen on top of the mizzen and in fact, it‘s done quite frequently in Germany and the Nordic countries.  I did it myself on an earlier boat in the 70s (dating myself here).
I‘d be very interested in seeing how it‘s done mechanically given all the antennas on top of the mizzen of an Amel.  Many thanks in advance!

Joerg Esdorn  <YRA Flag Etiquette.pdf>

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