Selling New Jordan Series Drogue

Davi Rozgonyi

Hey hey y'all, anyone need a brand new, never used, never even on a boat (stored in a heated garage in the USA) Jordan Series Drogue at 25 percent off? If you don't know what it is, Google it, because you need it if you go offshore or passages without a doubt--it's the best of the best for survival situations as I know a few on this forum can attest. I had one made for our Super maramu a few years back, but then we fell in love with Greece and aren't likely to ever leave 😁🇬🇷 The specs are: 147 cones, hybrid dyneema rode, made for up to 40,000 pounds displacement. Fits (and currently lives in) a suitcase in Colorado, FedEx shipping is about 400 bucks in the US I think. I paid 2200 plus 400 shipping, you can have it for 1700 plus shipping or pickup if you can arrange it. Pics for reference, not my shots... 

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