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Nice to see all the humour and good spirit here. Let me add to this thread to show we are all different, and possible Captain Henry did get it right. I am 6ft3in / 1.93m tall and for me that Amel SM2K "Captain's Chair" was simply fantastic!

Whilst it would certainly be different from the 54, and 55, the SM2K we owned and loved for 9 years and circumnavigated in (see some of our tracks here, the helm chair was one of the standout features of comfort at sea which would bring me back to purchase another SM in the future if the new seat designs are not as good.

Being taller, what I always did was to remove the Amel original rear back support cushion making me totally comfortable, and in tight manoeuvring situations (eg at the start of the video link below at notorious Dolphin Lagoon pass in the Maldives), or to get more breeze in hot sweltery tropics such as Maldives/ Chagos Areas, and parts of SE Asia, was to sit on the rear on top of the backrest where vision was great and breezes cooled one down nicely.  The Admiral and some of our shorter crew (in the Indian and South Pacific Ocean crossings) also always had their favourite comfort positions in that chair too by immediately replacing the backrest cushion, and/or adding some of the copious numbers of small sofa cushions we had on the yacht to keep them from slipping in the chair. We all loved that chair!

Being a tall person, the only slight gripes I ever had with the Amel SM design was the length of the bunks and rear bed (we changed it to a sideways large King bed, and loved that), and also the Amel original Bimini being a bit low, with no forward vision/window/airflow over the top of the windscreen. This was easily solved by lifting the front profile of the bimini to create more head height, and most importantly to create a window looking over the top of the windscreen. 

Should we ever purchase another Amel SM, if we are lucky enough to find a good one when the time comes, then I would immediately add a very nicely designed cockpit hardcover system for better sun/rain/heat protection. That, and the above two items is all I would change!

ex Amel SM2K SV Island Pearl II

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Alex, I guess you are right! I felt in love with the Amel too quickly. But it's definitely not a one night stand so I need to find a comfortable seating position.:-)

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