Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Electrial bilge pump SMM 2000

Stephan Regulinski

I had my bilge pump overhauled in La Rochelle by Amel when it stopped
pumping after 2.5 years in service. 6 months later, it failed
again. I disassembled the pump and found the flap problem that
others have described. The flap was in fine shape, it simply failed
to close. Not enough "springy-ness" apparently. To solve this
problem, I inserted a piece of plastic (cut from a plastic wire tie)
behind the flap. This has worked fine so far. If it fails to hold
up, I will probably try a piece of spring steel (a piece of used bi-
metal hack-saw blade should do it). This is a far sight cheaper than
the rebuild kit.

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