Re: Retractable bow thruster replacement

Paul Peschel

Many thanks for all your replies and tips!  🙏🙏🙏

Since I still have all the important parts (Shaft, bearing, propeller,..) and only the bearing housing is broken, I want to try to fix it first before considering a new system. So I measured the remaining part and created a 3D model ( which you can find here if interested: )

The plan is to 3D print the part and reinforces it with fiberglass and epoxy. I got a test print ( the purple one in the picture) to check dimensions, but unfortunately, there was no 3d print shop that could print in a high-quality filament such as nylon or carbon within two weeks in Cartagena / Spain where we have been hauled out.  So I have closed the hole for now and postponed the project. One more on the to-do list :-) 

Does anyone have experience with reinforced 3D printed parts?

Once this works I will share it here in the forum and occasionally there will be an update on instagram:


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