Re: Delivery cost from AMEL #spares

Slavko Despotovic

Hi Arno,

I did not put this as negative complaint to Amel. I was looking for more reasonable solution. The order was 100 pcs of plastic plugs, Rudder bolt and Packing stuff for rudder post. It was a small box 20X10X4 cm. Nothing special. When I send something of this size with DHL in Europe the cost is marginal.
At the same time I have ordered springs (cost 50euro) from Antal, delivery cost was 10 euro from Italy. 
I agree that Amel is doing superb job of keeping as much as possible spare for older models, but this is the part of Amel way of doing business. Exceptional support for our boats. That keeps the value of the boats as well.  
I learned my lesson and in the future I will be make bigger orders and the delivery cost will be reasonable.
And my name is Slavko :)).

Best regards.
SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse in Croatia

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