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I am sure that Judy and I are not alone with what we did on passages. Most of the time we were not in the SM helm seat, rather we sat elsewhere in the cockpit. That said, we appreciated the design and engineering of the SM helm seat in heavy weather and especially a cyclone. That basic design is the foundation of the helm seat design for the SN, 54, 55, 64, 50, and 60. The 50 & 60 have the added features of an adjustable and swivel helm seat. The progression from the SM to the 50/60 helm seat is very clear to me. Each new Amel model improved the original helm seat from the previous models.

Some unique and especially beneficial designs and features in all Amel models are not immediately understandable. In fact, some of them took me years to completely understand.

This is the helm seat on an Amel 54. This photo says much about the Amel Helm Seat.
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Agreed totally I am a little bit more than 6 foot and no problem at the wheel of my A 55#63
As Sup up I consider the 54 better than the super maramu and the 55 better than the 54. With the A 60 and A 60 there is a change of global philosophy so it is almost impossible to compare ….

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Joan, I'm sorry you're having trouble with the A55 helmsman seat.  I'm 5'10" and find the seat quite comfortable.  When sailing longer distances heeled, I often sit sideways in the seat with my feet up on the cockpit table and have a number of small sofa cushions in my back to increase comfort.  

If the moderators permit, I'd also would like to make a point of order.  I personally find it annoying that many questions about an issue or problem with the newer boats on this forum draw an answer from one or more of the many owners of older boats to the effect that their boats are really very superior and don't have the particular issue or problem the newer boats have.  I think this site could really do without those types of comments.  They do not help us all improve our experiences with our boats, clutter up the site and make it more difficult to find the answers we're looking for.  I eliminated the SM from my consideration after being on one for a couple of hours.  But I'm not trashing the SM because something I didn't like about it.
Just my five cents.   

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