Re: Delivery cost from AMEL #spares

Mark McGovern


I am in the USA and yes, shipping costs from Amel are pretty high.  However, Amel is probably charging you exactly what they are being charged by the shipper.  As stated earlier, Amel is a boatbuilder, not an online retailer.  Therefore, they have a very small shipping volume and are probably paying "full retail" price for shipping and are just passing this cost onto you (as they should!).  Large volume shippers get huge discounts from carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL compared to low volume shippers. I know this because I own a small manufacturing business in the USA.  One of my customers is a large distributor.  Because their shipping volume is thousands of times larger than ours, they pay 65%-75% less to ship the exact same package to the exact same place.  So UPS will charge me $100 to ship a package yet only charge them $25-$35.  Lately, the rates have gotten even worse for small volume shippers.

I keep a spreadsheet of "Amel Parts to Order" and then when the time comes that I really need them, I place a good size order.  I also tend to buy "generic" parts like oil seals and bearings locally. 

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Belfast, ME USA

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