Offering a heavily invested and a proven web site promotin the sale of your AMEL


Dear Amel-for-Sale Owner,

Subject: Our Super Maramu 2000 website is now free for re-use

Despite the slow economics, we have recently succeeded in selling our
2005 (hull 477) Amel Super Maramu 2000 at our asking price.

Among other means, we have concluded this transaction through the use of
a dedicated web site, and SEO
<> , and PPC
<> campaigns. Our site <> is now
offered for re-use.

If you are interested in buying the website (on as is basis) contact me
through the site. The service company hired to create and (most
importantly) promote the site is available in order to modify and effect
the required changes (and also run the SEO
<> or PPC
<> web campaigns).

With kind regards,

A KEREN (a former and future AMEL owner)

amel.super.maramu@... <mailto:amel.super.maramu@...>

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