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Thanks Bill, This video blew my mind and actually raised more questions than it answered :D 

If I understand correctly Electrical energy is not like a fluid that flows through a pipe but carried by electromagnetic waves that radiates from the battery to the lightbulb in all directions.

But then, I believe, most of the power has to flow along the wires otherwise electromagnetic waves would cause all kinds of interferences in all directions radiating from all power sources.

So in that video, some energy flows in a straight line between the battery in the light bulb at the speed of light, but how much? Is it negligible? enough to turn on the light? If so, isn't this just an antenna effect? 

Thanks for sharing.

On Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 5:11 PM CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:
I really enjoyed this video. It explains how electricity works. Maybe you will enjoy it also. It was given to me by my grandson, an engineering student and junior at Texas A&M.


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