Re: Onan MDKAL Generator starts but shuts off #YouTube_Live_Stream

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It sounds like a fuel flow issue. If you bypassed the fuel shutoff solenoid and it works, have you tried replacing it. Dumb question but worth asking. Is the fuel pump good? I believe it is an electric pump – easy to check. Is the stop solenoid working correctly?



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Onan MDKAL Generator starts but shuts off #YouTube_Live_Stream


Our generator has been sleeping for a year and a half; we can start the generator but as soon as we release the start switch it does not stay running; we bypassed fuel shut off solenoid and generator will mechanically run; we have changed the oil, replaced exhaust temp switch, coolant temp switch, confirmed all K relays work except K4.  Wondering if we should flash the field and what method we should use.  Thank you, Kevin
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