Re: MDKAL starting problem

Bill Kinney

I agree that a bad solenoid is a possible cause of the symptoms described.  

The solenoid used on most Onans is a "two coil" type.  One powerful "start coil" that pulls the plunger to the "run" position, and a second one that holds it there so the "Start coil" can be turned off to prevent overheating.  If the hold coil is not working properly, as soon as the "start coil" is de-energized the plunger will return to the stop position, and the engine stops.  A number of things can cause this, including just dirt making it sticky (if it doesn't open all the way, it doesn't stay open) or a bad connection.

These solenoids are available aftermarket at a small fraction of the price from Onan.  When we had an Onan onboard, this was one of our spares.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA, USA

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