24V Alternator


Happy Holidays, everyone.
We are in W Palm Beach, FL after a boisterous sail down from the Chesapeake.  15ft bar at StAugustine with 8-10 ft seas kept us from stopping there.

On the way down the belt on our Yanmar (4JH4HTE) that powers the fresh water pump and 12V alternator broke. We had to remove the 24V alternator belt to replace the broken one. Everything seems back to normal, but since then the 24V alternator isn't producing any charge current. The belt is tight and not slipping, and all wiring at the alternator is snug.  It's a Valeo 60 A 28 V only 2 years old with a Balmar  external regulator.

Any thoughts on how or if the belt issue could have caused this?  Troubleshooting tips?

Thanks on advance.
Kent & Iris

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