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It could be many causes, but if there were a leak in the hot water line below the floor of the aft head, it might explain the noise and the low pressure.

This snippet from my book will help you as you troubleshoot. Note there is one line off of the manifold in the engine room (I circled in red) supplying hot water Aft. Assuming there is no leaking visible under the floor, I think I would start by removing that hose and testing the flow. Note: Amel used some sort of adhesive at the connection of these hoses to the manifold and copper pipe. Heat will help removal (air gun, or hot water), and I suggest a sealant when reconnecting. Also see the last snippet for locating a potential clog in the hot water lines.




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On Sun, Nov 28, 2021 at 10:40 AM Eloi Bamberg <eloi.bamberg@...> wrote:

The pressure of the hot water in my aft head is way to low (shower and sink). In the galley and the forward head there is no problem. When the water flows, I hear a sound as if there where some air in the tubes, but the flow is steady. I visually controlled the copper tubes and hoses in the engin room and under the aft bed. I couldn't find any leak. Any ideas / suggestions what could be the problem?


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