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Martin Birkhoff

Hi all,

I am only 180 cm tall and, at 86 kg, of reasonably normal build. During the test drives with Mago del Sur (Amel 54), nothing was noticeable. Later, however, I realised that my sitting position was too high to look through the front windows in a relaxed manner. I regularly got neck pain and muscle tension. The admiral, on the other hand, complained about the rather wide gap below the backrest, which caused her back or kidney area to cool down. We both regretted that the steering seat was not height-adjustable and could not be rotated either, which reduced the seating space at the cockpit table.

At the Düsselorf Boat show we ordered a new helm seat from Besenzoni. This is the seat which is used on the Amel 50. Please note: the original Besenzoni seat-design is narrower than the one used on the Amel 50. Keep this in mind when ordering. On request, the Amel logo can be embroidered on the back of the seat.

The support of the seat on the photo is a cheap improvisation and will be exchanged for a more solid model, also of course adjustable in height.

After a lot of fiddling we have fixed the original table with a single central table support (stainless steel) on the hatch of the engine compartment. The counter base of the screw connection consists of a larger aluminium plate below the sandwich of the engine compartment hatch. Table and table leg together are removable after loosening a clamping screw. We were able to continue using all elements of the original Amel 54 table: aft support, side extension and side extension support. To be honest we will replace the original table top with a lightweight top by opportunity as the whole construction is quite heavy.

The hatch to the engine compartment can be opened with the table folded down, whereby the opening angle is somewhat smaller than originally: the table will hit the mast at a certain angle. Alternatively you can take away the table and the hatch will open as usual.


Mago del Sur - 54#40

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