Re: question about impellers

Craig Briggs

Eric - Assuming you're talking about the raw water pump impeller and although you don't say how old the impeller is, I'd suggest you simply follow the maintenance interval recommendation in the owner's manual. No special tools needed - the manual probably shows a picture of how to remove, prying gently with two screwdrivers (just be careful of the pump housing.) Sounds like you haven't removed the old one, so your "looks fine" observation may be from looking at the impeller in place - you would need to remove it and inspect by gently flexing each blade back & forth to see if there are any cracks forming where they attach to the core. However, this is a relatively inexpensive part, so if you're near the recommended change interval just put in a new one.
Cheers, Craig s/v Sangaris; Santorin #68

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