Re: Amel 55 - captain's seat

Martin Birkhoff

Hi Joan, hi Paolo,

the model is Besonzoni Pilot Seat P 246 Amel (meaning special width)

fabric: silvetek graphite

Logo: Amel

If you look to the catalogue you will not find exactly this helm seat. It is a variation of the Helm Seat P 246 Smile. The armrests of the P 246 Amel have been positioned a little further out by means of some spacers.

We ordered ist via info@...


The table stand and the table is permanently in place behind the seat and the table top is resting vertical against it. The stand is mounted off center in respect of the table top. Folded up, the table top is in the same position as originally,

pic 1 shows the mounting holes of the original chair (brownish spots)
pic 2 the table is removed, you can sea the inox spacers between backrest and armrests 
pic 3 shows the offset from the center line 
pic 4 table mounted. It was a millimeter job to get a good position of the helm seat and to allow the engine rooms hatch to move without shaving the backrest  


Mago del Sur - 54#40

currently Marina di Ragusa, Sicily


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