Re: Electric Headsail Furler Replacements for Amel and Bamar MEJ & EJF


I have a set of spare parts for original furler. Call or write me if you need one.
I am a previous owner of Amel Supper Maramu " Life is Good"
Vladimir. 202-258-1916.

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We had to replace the Bamar EJF-1 about 4 weeks ago that was installed approximately 3 ½ years ago.  Water intrusion seemed to have incurred at an unknown location causing what appeared to be electrolytic corrosion resulting in a frozen motor and brake system and a small hole corroded through the aluminum housing at the bottom of the unit adjacent the stainless steel mounting plate.  The only alternative was to replace the furler.


Paul at Bamar USA informed me, reference the attached photo, that the wire bundle from the furler to the boat should be as straight as possible and definitely without the S bend shown in the photograph.  There is no interior drain tube incorporated in the wiring bundle which is enclosed in the black protective tube.  The tube itself acts as a drain routing any water into the forward sail locker if there is any condensation or other moisture accumulation in the furler.  Paul suspected there had been condensation which built up inside the furler while I suspected a failure of the furler itself.


When I asked Paul why the installer incorrectly ran the wire he informed me emphatically that it was not the installer’s fault that nowhere in the instructions was there a mention of running the wiring in as straight a manner and directly as possible to the tube leading below deck.  On the new installation the tube was shortened dramatically and although the wire was not run straight due to the room available under the furler it was looped such that the wire run remained below the level of the furler allowing drainage to occur.


I am unclear as to what preventative maintenance if any could be performed to prevent water incursion.  However, if you have an EJF-1 installed it could be prudent to revise the wiring run to at least provide a drain should water intrusion occur.  Paul was very helpful getting the new unit built and shipped from Italy quickly.  There was a significant delay with DHL and I would recommend never using them in the future –for ANYTHING.  This was a very expensive 3 ½ year lifetime with this piece of equipment.

Mark Mueller
former Brass Ring  A54

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