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I am presently in Panama and will return this weekend---I will contact you Monday.
Best Jim

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Howdy Jim
We live on the NW side of F.Worth by Eagle Mountain Lake.
That is where my office is too, only three blocks away from home.
A whole 120 second comute. 
We need to get together sometime soon.
My office number is (817) 236 6420 is our web.
Have you ever been to FW Boat Club?
Give us a call whenever you have a moment.

Among other things we design large generator systems typically converting 27-28% into electricity, then we design heat recovery systems to produce free steam/or very hot water with which we fire free Air Conditioning and Free Water Heating systems.
Regretably we have never designed any system as small as we need on our sail vessels.
May be I should start thinking about it...
Our best

Walter & Fatima, SM # ........ ?


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Dear Walter and Fatima,

I live in Arlington Texas and presently have my boat in Bocas Del Toro Panama---I would be pleased to meet you some time to answer any questions regarding this great boat.

Best Jim Dernehl
817 288 2600

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We wish everybody fair winds and happy sailing for 2010.

Walter&Fatima, SM # ......?

PS- We live in Fort Worth TEXAS and we have joined the group probably in March or April.
We do not own an AMEL yet, but hopefully we are close to our dream.
The state pf the marketplace in the US this past 2009 did not help us at all.
I have been following all conversations but as a non owner, non expert we have abstained from participating. Hopefully we will do it soon.

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