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Alan Grayson

Hi Miles, sorry to hear you have health issues mate. I agree with Brent and also having sailed with Miles agree that it is a fantastic boat and very well looked after.
Alan Grayson
SM 406 Ora Pai
Ft Lauderdale

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Having had the opportunity to sail with Miles on one of those long passages down to Le Marin, I can attest to the "perfect" condition of Ladybug.  Miles has really taken very good care of her and has re-engined her since I sailed with him as well.  I’m sorry to hear that you are selling her for health reasons Miles.   I know that whomever buys her will get a very good (and original condition) Super Maramu.  She’s a beautiful example of the type as it came from the factory.

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Pushed by some health issues, I have reluctantly decided to sell my SM 216, Ladybug. I watched this wonderful boat being built in 1998, and I have owned it ever since. Ladybug is in perfect condition and is ready to start around the world tomorrow. In November I sailed to Martinique where Ladybug will spend the winter. In the Spring, I plan to sail back to Newport, RI.

If you would like more information, please contact me at milesbid(at)


Brent Cameron

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