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Hi John,

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful response to Susie's inquiry about the Amel.

Like you, we are viewing the Amel as one of the best vessels available to meet our needs. And, how very odd to be referring to such a beautiful yacht as a "compromise!" While we definitely seek a boat that has a history of safe blue water crossings, the truth is a lot more of our time will be spent "living aboard" while cruising, at anchor, mooring, or marina than we will be voyaging. So, the comfort part of the equation carries more weight than exceptional crossing performance criteria. Let's face it, the Allens have been lubbers so long that we are spoiled by convenience and the Amel offers plenty of that.

I'm a born-again sailor. As a kid and then through my teenage years, I sailed through my summers mostly on small to tiny lakes in Central Texas. I sailed several board boats to death and then graduated to a 16 foot, (mostly cat rigged) Rebel for about four years. Through my adult years I didn't make any serious time for sailing and have only discovered joys of sailing anew as we approach to my retirement. Fortunately for me, my wife Susie is as enthusiastic about sailing as I am. We view this new upcoming watery chapter in our lives with real excitement.

At this juncture we are looking at gently used Amels, Island Packets, possibly Valiants, and the odd aluminum boat. There are undoubtedly others in the 45-55 foot range that merit our consideration that I have not yet met. I admit that I believe that I would like a metal hulled boat for longevity, durability, and safety, as well as possibly higher motion comfort ratings, but there are far fewer of those on the market. Boats do seemed to be priced by the pound and as a compromise the fiberglass value is makes the whole proposition a lot more feasible. As it is, we are weighing the price vs age trade-off since a new boat should carry lower annual maintenance costs but brand new ones are just too pricey.

We have discovered a sailing school that offers certifications aboard the IP so we are scheduled to see one of those vessels up close in late March or April. Additionally, one guy in the Virgins sells a weeklong crewed vacation aboard his Amel so that's a possibility but I'd love to find a workable alternative. Like marriage, I figure that buying any particular boat will reveal a surprising wealth of new, unexpected experiences regardless of one's preparation, investigation, or research into the potential relationship. All we can do is prepare as best we can.

Your offer to meet to share views on the sailboat market is most generous. Perhaps when it warms up a bit we could have dinner together in the vicinity of Lake Lewisville…maybe the Blue Note?

Thanks again,

Tim and Susie Allen

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Hi Susan and Tim
We hope you had a great Christmas and a better New Year's eve.

We belong to three different boating organizations in our area, by order or antiquity:
1- We are members of the FORT WORTH BOAT CLUB. I race every Sunday doing mostly foredeck on a J105. In case of need I have done all other positions too.
2- We are members TEXOMA SAILING CLUB at Grand Pappy Point Marina. We keep a Hunter 40' on the water for the past several years.
3- We are members of the US POWER SQUADRON.

On all these associations I do technical presentations on the Principles of Competitive Sailing froms hull care, to hydrodynamics, airdynamics, mast & rigg set up, sail trimming, driving, winds and shifts, weather etc. The basics physical principles we all need to know if we want to sail efficiently, racing or cruising.

We will be delighted to come over to Lewisville at anytime and receive you as our guests at Texoma Lake. We dont even winterise the boat, we sail yearround.

I have been sailing since the age of 12, and I promise you, that was a long time ago...
We started reading magazines describing, the basic problems and solutions of cruising. Then we started looking at sail boats in Boat shows, primarily Miami and Annapolis.
Then we consulted with one another to find out what is important for me and what is importante for Fatima. Man and wife will many times focus in different aspects of a sail boat. Like buying a house.

Once we determined what we were looking for, it became a question of looking around at the different aspects of design and construcction, and who designed what sail boat. What track record does that particular boat or design have? How many were build?
We have zeroed in on the Amel because it has precisely the characteristics that we are looking for. And it was desiged to be an offshore or passage sail vessel. Some vessels are not designed for blue water sailing, but have been adapted to do so.. One has to understand the differences.
Regularly we get out to St Martin, Antigua, St Barts, Belize, Guatemala, look at conditions on Rio Dulce, BVI and Spanish VI, to get accquainted with the sea motions and make sure that we all feel comfortable with them; get in a storm or two, check out the capabilities of us as a couple, sailing by ourselves.
Last step, was to become silent members of the owners blog/chat room and listen to the owners talking, we did that for several months, probably a year or so, we have disturbed nobody, just listened to what everyone had to say.  That told us about the problems, the solutions, and what year were those boats built. If it is very difficult to find parts or if you have a lot of unhappy owners, they will tell you, specially if they dont even know you are there.
Step before last, find a reputable person you can deal with and trust, to locate the right vessil for you. We have contaced Joel Potter, simply because, if you want an Amel, we believe he is the only right choice.
We did all of this and stopped looking for other boats. We only look for the right moment or opurtunity to come together. Well if one is a millionaire, than you just write a check and buy anew one.
It is not our case, so we have to use "all" our brain power and stay focused on "what" you really want and make it happen.
We plan to stay in the Caribbean for the first year, and go from there, if and when we both feel ok with that decision.

Best regards

Walter & Fatima.


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Hi Walter & Fatima,

Do you belong to any sailing clubs in the DFW area? Where do you do your sailing in the area? When it warms back up, we'll be back on Lake Lewisville. I'm curious to know how you decided the Amel would be the right boat for you. I like your signature with the ??? for the SM #!

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We wish everybody fair winds and happy sailing for 2010.

Walter&Fatima, SM # ......?

PS- We live in Fort Worth TEXAS and we have joined the group probably in March or April.
We do not own an AMEL yet, but hopefully we are close to our dream.
The state pf the marketplace in the US this past 2009 did not help us at all.
I have been following all conversations but as a non owner, non expert we have abstained from participating. Hopefully we will do it soon.

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