Re: 220v breakers

Bill Kinney


I have had three of these breakers go "bad" and start to trip will below their rated capacity, so it is certainly possible.  Assuming there is no issue with the battery charger, it would be my next guess.

No other breakers I have ever seen fit the two hole panel cutout for the diruptor breakers.

Amel would be my first go to for help here, but if they can not help, the dirupter breakers are distributed into the marine market by Plastimo, and can be special ordered through Bainbridge in the USA. Bainbridge is wholesale only, so you'll need to work through one of their retailers, like West Marine.  This works for some, but not probably all models of the breakers.  

Be prepared to be shocked at the price.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Brunswick, GA, USA

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