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Scott Williams

Have a Beko in my Lisbon apartment – it’s very economical on power and water use  (A+++ rated apparently).


And the 30 min. cycle @ 30 degrees washes excellently for a low soil load.




Future A50 owner





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BEKO is an up-and-coming Turkish manufacturer and in the US recently a Beko dishwasher was rated higher than Bosch, The measurements for the  BEKO WMB51022YU clothes washer mentioned by Porter: Height 84cm / Width 60cm / Depth 41,5cm. BTW, Porter replaced a failed Bosch with Beko because Bosch would not allow its authorized Bosch repair service in the US to order a replacement PCB for a Bosch washer distributed in Europe. I am sure that there is logic in this somewhere, but it eludes me.

Amel 54 OEM Washer is BOSCH WLX24460FF Height:85.6cm / Width:59.5cm / Depth:44.1cm

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On Sun, Dec 5, 2021 at 3:10 AM Porter McRoberts via <> wrote:

Beko WMB 51021 YU 

Fits perfectly and amazing machine. 4+ years of heavy service. Amazing. 

I can’t believe I have an opinion about a washing machine!  

Porter McRoberts 
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On Dec 5, 2021, at 4:50 PM, Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Hi all,


Did anyone replaced the Bosch washing Machine (WLX24460FF) Amel installed originally on the A54 with the Bosch WLT24440 (series6 - 6.5kg) ?

Dear Arno,

you have mentioned this Bosch machine two years ago as a possible replacement. Did you installed this Model on Luna?

The depth measure is 44.6 cm, slightly bigger than the original Bosch, and yes the model is still available in Europe.


Thanks for any reply


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You will have fun finding a replacement. There are a few that you may be able to find with the same size. 


I saw this at some point:

Bosch WLT24440

and/or Siemens WS12K440/WS10K460/WS10K160/WS10K360

But I’m not sure if they are still available

Bear in mind that Amel added some bolt-holes in the bottom to secure the machine.

Apparently you can remove the washer as one unit. The dryer needs to be taken apart completely in situ as it is too big.

The dryer was modified quite a bit by Amel. Basically they cut the lower back right corner off the machine and rerouted the exhaust through the bottom. 

The dryer can still be obtained in the UK last time I checked:

White Knight C37AW 3 kg Dimensions  (H) 67 x (W) 50 x (D) 47cm (same machine, different brand)

White Knight C39AS 3.5 kg Dimensions: H67cm x W50cm x D47cm (bit more capacity because of reversing drum)

In my case I ended up replacing the heater element of the dryer as it was broken and repainting parts of both machines. They work fine now. 


Arno Luijten,

SV Luna, A54-121

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