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Hello Eric,
A good trick for replacing an impeller is to squeeze it with a plastic cable tie so that it will go into it's housing and key wat easily. The housing should be greased and the impeller greased or sprayed with silicon. Make sure that all the vanes are pointing the same way as you tighten the cable tie and that they are pointing the right way (usually anticlock wise) when pushing the impeller in.

best wishes, Anne and John, SM319

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Hi Eric

With your question you raise a number of others, namely

Which raw water pump is on your engine
How old is it ( is it the original unit)
When was it last serviced (seals replaced)
Does it leak ( when running)
Do you have a spare service kit or two
Is there any visable wear on the inside of the pump

As Craig said, its a good idea to stick to the recomendations in the service manual, particularly if you are not to familiar with the pump.
But these are some of the things you should considering when you are inspecting the pump.
Check and see if you can get your hands on the Workshop Manual for your engine, you will find it invaluable. You should also be able to get detailed drawings of your pump on the web by typing in the make and model number.

Regards Joe McDonnell

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> any body have any advise about pulling and replacing the impellers on the volvo engine.
> 1. how often does one need to replace it and is there a special procedure/tool for replacing the impreller. I'm on a amel now and we are going to change the impeller before we head out. Ours "looks" fine but are thinking we should change it.
> Thanks.

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