Anchor Windlass leak/short?

Dan Carlson

Hello all, 

I'm looking for Anchor Windlass troubleshooting and tips. 

My anchor Windlass has sparked where the chain links bounce against the steel around the bow roller when raising or lowering after heavy rain and/or heavy seas.  

I had this condition last year also, but then I had the anchor Windlass rebuilt last March.  

I suspect that it is caused water leaking around the foot switches in the top of the casing.  So I am looking for confirmation on that as well as any other potential sources to track down while I dig into it. 

I also recall reading someone who replaced the foot switches with a hand control because of the ongoing issues with the foot switch? So it seems that solving the leak might not be an easy solution?  

And I am open recommendations on the best replacement for the foot switches if that is a good solution. 

Thoughts? Recommendations? 

Thanks and regards, Daniel and Lori Carlson on sv BeBe, SM #387, currently in Antigua.

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