Navtex weather forecasts

hollambyuk <annejohnholl@...>

I have a Navtex engine which receives weather and Nav messages and stores them to download on my PC. It is sold by NASA, a British company which sells a wide range of low priced marine instruments. It is a replacement for their model which has a screen as I was not happy with that ones performance either.
We cruise the Med during the summer months and find that this instrument only seems to receive info some of the time. NASA suggest that this is an antenna problem which I do not believe as, for example,it receives forecasts from far flung places like the UK and Turkey when we are in the western Med but does not get local forecasts for days at a time.
Can any one tell me whether this is their experience with Navtex signals being unreliable in the Med with this or other receivers made by more upmarket companies.

Regards, John SM319

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