Re: Amel - made Genoa Furler Bronze Spur Gear

hanspeter baettig

Hi Bill
Its Hanspeter, Tamango 2; Nr.16
The Swiss Guy you mentioned is not doing anymore this Spur Gear. He is more then 80 Years old. I got the last Spur Gear Amel had in stock from Albin in Martinique, last Year.
My old one was a littel worn out, but still functioned after 29 Years of lots of sailing . 4 times Atlantic crossing. 
So What should I do ?
Send the old one to you to Texas ?
Pls advice.
I’m until January in Santa Marta, Columbia
You have I think still my email
Best regards
SM 16, Tamango 2

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Am 08.12.2021 um 17:03 schrieb CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...>:

I have recently given out the contact information of the Swiss guy who owned the machine shop that made the genoa furler for Amel. Apparently, he has gotten greedy and is quoting outrageous prices for spare parts. I need to borrow the bronze Spur Gear from someone to see if we can reverse engineer it. All SM owners are going to need this Spur Gear, especially if they have not added the ability to add grease to the genoa furler. Email me at brouse@...



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