Re: Storm Tactics for Super Maramu

Stephan Regulinski

I bought a Gale Sail for my SMM (#303) and have used it a number of
times. It the most recent use, we used it to make modest progress in
sailing through a 50, gusting 60 storm. The trick in raising this
sail is the same as for reefing: raise the sail when it first occurs
to you that you might need it. If you wait, you'll be trying to
raise it while waves crash over you. (I have done this also and
suggest using harness and tether.) My second suggestion is that the
genoa sheets by tied off securely well aft of the nav lights. I tied
my sheets to the rail at the pulpet and lost the starboard deck-level
nav light when waves pounded the coiled sheet into the light.

--- In amelyachtowners@..., asm283 wrote:
Thanks Richard<br><br>I have seen this product. I always wondered
what it would be like to raise this sail in a gale with a good sea.
Has anyone tried this.<br><br>Vito

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