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Mohammad Shirloo

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We did change out our tender to a 3.4 meter HighField last season and it does fit on the aft deck without interfering with the Mizzen Traveler. The end of the pontoons do project a bit into the cockpit from the sides of the Mizzen. Anything shorter is a challenge to mount on the Davits.


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A 3.1 or up to 3.2 will stow on the aft deck like this on a SM:

I believe that up to 2.6 with most dinghies you can carry them on the aft deck of a SM like this.

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Your main concern with a dingy is one the size of the engine, how many people and stuff you want to carry, and how are you going to use it, ie short trips only in calm water for coastal cruising of for  longer range.  My opinion is buy as big as you have room for.  With a 15 hp 2 stroke or a 20 hp 4 stroke I would definitely get the CL310 it will store sidways on the aft cabin partially blocking the access to the stern on one side but I feel that you can live with.

Otherwise get the smaller and stow it longways on the aft cabin.




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I am considering purchasing a Highfield Classic Hypalon and I’m debating the merits of CL290 vs CL310 with my co owner. We are not on our boat at the moment to eyeball fitting etc. The debate centres around convenience to store the dinghy either up front or on the aft cabin roof. Ease of getting it on or off our SM2K and carrying capacity.

If any of you have either of these tenders I would be very grateful if you’d let me know if you are happy with it and whether you would change the size if you were to purchase another one.

Many thanks 


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