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Germain Jean-Pierre

True. Best is a raw aluminium hull

We have an AB 9.5 UL with the big sponsons and deep V. This gives a very acceptable and dry ride even in choppy conditions. Equipped with a Yamaha 2 stroke 15 hp Enduro, It comes up on the plane quickly with two people on board. 

Admittedly with four people on board, she will not plane well but stows easily forward of the main mast on deck for long passages. Never tried on the off deck as we have Davits Incorporated in the solar panel arch. (used solely on coastal passages)

Good luck

Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera , SM007, New Zealand

On 14 Dec 2021, at 07:40, Bruno COTTE <cotte.bruno@...> wrote:

Due to the evolution of regulations concerning many painting components all industries face a problem with aluminium paintings . 
If you go on internet you will see the problems of the last Airbus aircraft paintings 
With Amel we face « 
Bubbles » on  many masts since 10 years now … it is obviously the same with all painted masts …
When you see the bottom of aluminium dinghy you have the same problem whatever the dinghy manufacturer. 

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Le 13 déc. 2021 à 19:31, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> a écrit :


As most Amel owners know, painting aluminum is at best still a risky issue. Many A55 owners know this better than previous Amels. I am not sure why there seem to be more aluminum coating failures lately, but I suspect it has to do with certain prep chemicals being outlawed. 

We had an AB aluminum dinghy for 11 years. When it was 10 years old there was less painted area than bare aluminum. I thought Highfield and sister company 3D offered dinghies that were electrostatic-spray powder-coated. I would assume that this painting method would be better but it might make the process even more difficult and thus risky to the coating losing adhesion to the surface.

Whatever the issue is with yours, why don't you give the details, but focus on the aluminum coating issues rather than the manufacturer because I believe that probably any manufacturer and possibly any Amel owner will experience this issue. 

You experienced coating failure with Highfield and I did with AB Navico. Today AB ships the aluminum dinghy uncoated. You can special order power coating. Their website states, "Although the tender is uncoated for minimal maintenance, you can choose to add a Chrome-free Pretreatment and Powder Coating."  Another brand that I like is Caribe. They had the same coating flaking problem that you and I experienced. They solved it by no longer offering aluminum hulls.

I believe that there is a risk of coating failure with any aluminum dinghy. I think you are lucky if you do not experience it.

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On Mon, Dec 13, 2021 at 11:13 AM VICTOR MOLERO <victor.moleroxx@...> wrote:
Hello Richie.
I bought a Highfield 290 dinghy last July. In September I already had bubbles in the paint of the hull. If you (or anyone) are interested in the response of Highfield when I sent the pictures and asked for a solution (that has not arrived yet), please let me know and I will describe it to you in a private conversation, since I know that this group does not allow for negative observations about brands or providers. 
SM314 Alendoy

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