Re: Climma Compact 12 not cooling very well - capacitors?

Nick Newington

Hi Scott,

My guess is that there is a refrigerant leak…if you inspect the evaporator unit when you initially turn it on, the copper tubes should quickly frost up, if the fan is in low speed they frost more than at high speed. if they do not frost up or at least go very cold to touch, like stick your finger cold then more than likely  you have a refrigerant problem.

If the fan is not right you can find that not enough air flows over the evaporator so it completes ices up further obstructing air flow….this is either  normally an air blockage or one of the fan capacitors…..

My penny’s worth…


S/Y Amelia 

AML 54-019


On 15 Dec 2021, at 13:03, Bill Kinney <cruisingconsulting@...> wrote:


If the fan was running slower than normal, the air coming out would be a little colder than normal, up until the system shuts down on LOW pressure when the air flow was very restricted.  So, while it is possible that the capacitors are reducing fan speed, it is not likely to be the cause of the reduced cooling. If your multimeter has the ability you can always check the capacitors and compare to their labeled values.

Have you checked the evaporator to be sure it is not dust clogged?  On many boats the saloon unit gets used more, and gets dirty quicker.  

That's the short list of simple fixes I come up with!  

The usual suspect for reduced, but not zero, cooling capacity is a reduced charge of refrigerant gas because of a leak.  That is possible, but unlikely with these units.

Maybe somebody with more experience specific to the Climma units can chime in...

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