Re: Dinghy Sizing


Hello Bill and the rest of the group.
My apologies for the delay in my response. Every time that I post something or formulate a question to this group, the responses are quick and enriching. In this regard, I really appreciate your comments because they are wise and well informed. Again, thank you for the great support. 
I think that it would be good to distinguish two different things related with the dinghies and the bubbles that may show when the hull comes painted:
1.- The failure of the paint. Your clarifications are very enlightening, although it does not justify that big, world renowned brands display captivating explanations on their webs about the wonders of their products, whereas weeks after the purchase, some of the features fail. If they know about such weaknesses in their products they shouldn't advertise them as they do; if they don't know them, they are not as reliable as they claim to be. 
2.- The after sales services of the provider. This is the other deeply disappointing side of the reaction of the manufacturers, but since my experience is limited to just one of them (what I know of other brands comes from friends that have told me about), I rather refrain from any further comment on this to stay in compliance with the rules of the group.
Alendoy SM314 

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