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We used Emik Marin, the Amel service center which is located in Göcek .  I think the yacht-in-transit tax exemption process in Turkey is a bit complicated or involves using someone who knows the tax officials.  Like many things with Emik (and indeed in Turkey) we haggled for quite a while over the cost.  Initially the cost was going to be high but came down.  I suspect that Emik was able to combine the ACMO rigging with some other tax free imports to get the process costs down.  They do these on a regular basis so they know the ins and outs--I recall that when their van arrived it had a tax seal on the door that was opened by an official and as I noted they required a boat stamp and observation of the boat itself along with some animated discussion in Turkish with Emik staff.  Having Çay with the tax officials was part of the process of course...gotta love Turkey!.  The bottom line was that our cost for a complete ACMO kit installed by the experts at M2 was €9,000 (we only negotiated on our final cost including agent fees, ACMO costs and shipping costs, and probably tax agent fees.  I recall that we used a "broken record" technique claiming that we could only pay the 9K....eventually it became a reality.  BTW topping lifts were the only items not included in the ACMO kit and guessed it.....haggled with M2 and traded them some other rigging items and they made them up from scratch.  

We only needed a boat stamp but let me repeat this post....a "Yacht-In-Transit" stamp has been helpful in other locations (you can get self-inking customized, official looking, yacht-in-transit stamps for about $10 on eBay.....

Bob      KAIMI SM429

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