Re: MDKAL starting problem

Kevin Cole

Thanks to the group for the suggestions regarding our Onan Generator.
Here is the update for our MDKAL onan starting but immediately shutting off.

After testing or replacing the exhaust temp, coolant temp, and oil pressure sensors, testing the shut off solenoid and confirming the generator runs on its own, flashing the exciter, testing the relays, and the voltage regulator. We determine the issue was the generator not producing power via the voltage regulator. 
Voltage regulators are around $1100 from Cummins/Onan and not available until mid January. However we found a used one here in the marina from Ramon on Blue Marine (Amel SM2) whose generator Kuboto engine has failed.
We replaced the Voltage Regulator and the generator fired right up and works as before...perfectly (knock on wood).

A little stressful but thanks to Ramon we should be on our way out of the marine soon.
Thanks again to the forum for the suggestions
Kevin Cole
S/V Anahita SM2 276
Shelter Bay marina, Panama 

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