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Porter McRoberts

We’ve sailed 27k NM with our rocna 40. It’s more than sufficient. When we’ve dragged, and we have, it’s always been my fault. Always tug test. Always dive the anchor. Always use enough scope. Put coral floats on starting at 1.7-2x the depth.  But that 50 finally looks like the right size. We did have one 38m anchorage in Fiji. I don’t think we would have lifted the 50. 
A few thoughts for you. 

Porter McRoberts 
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On Dec 20, 2021, at 6:10 PM, Dominique Sery via <dominiquesery@...> wrote:

Hi Richard, I installed a Rocna 55 kg on my 54 to replace the original anchor. It is positioned without problem in the bow and the windlass can raise it without difficulty with 15 m of water. The only time I had difficulties because it was very buried after a night with gusts at 50 knots, I had to move slowly with the engine to unhook it before lifting it with the windlass. But I didn't worry about the anchor holding in this very strong wind.
The center rollers are used to take a harbour mooring line  
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