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Oups, Jugen,
I meant counter-clokwise..

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Objet: [Amel] Mango Bow Thruster
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As fairly new owner of the Mango #18 built 1981 I am experiencing some difficulties manoeuvring the boat astern in small Turkish and Greek marinas/harbours because my bow thruster does not work. I never owed a boat with bow thruster and always thought this was an unnecessary extra. Now I know better. But there must be also a way to make a Mango go astern the way you want her to go without a thruster. What is the trick?

My next question is how to dismantle the thruster motor from the shaft without creating to much damage? I tried it without success. My motor is full of water and needs some overhaul. The original seal is not existing anymore. Somebody poured a sort of 5cm thick 20cm diameter polyester sleeve as a seal on top of the exit inside the boat. It is not very effective.

Would appreciate some advise. Thank you.

Best regards

Juergen 'ARGO IV'

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